Saturday, March 28, 2009


today is the last day of training before go to the "zon keramat" .
I am very excited nervous & a bit scared . " jangan ade perasaan takut kat pihak lawan " miss azlin said . But I still have a littlelittle scared bcause I am a keeper . What if I lost my focused while the game are running ? what if they shoot the ball on my face and gigi ku terpatah macam yang ikmal kne tadi ? oh noo ! I cant imagine if that happens ! but if that realy happen to me I'll claim my insurance to buy fake teeth! haha ;)

Lets me tell you about the jersy
yesterday cekgu azlin gave the jersy to all the keepers . the players jersy belom dapat lagi . Tommorow the players will get the new jersy while the keepers just get the recycle jersy . Totaly unfair ! ;( but Its just the small matter . haha . actually I dont realy care about the jersy but I realyrealy care about the match on this monday : 30MARCH2009 .

Oh Tuhan , tolong la berikan kami kemenangan ! Amin

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aku ;)